Water resources - IBRAM

Mining sustainable development

This is an initiative that has been developed by IBRAM since 2000 and represents a milestone in issues related to mining sustainable development, as it provides its participants with a strategic vision regarding the use of water resources. IBRAM´s associates can participate in the Collegiate Forums of the National Water Resources Management System (SINGREH) which discuss the implementation of the National Water Resources Policy (PNRH).

IBRAM has also worked together with the Water Resources Network of the National Confederation of Industries (CNI). Through PERH, the mining sector is represented in the main Basin Committees at federal and state levels where the activity operates, in addition to the levels of public policies development, such as the National Water Resources Council (CNRH) and State Councils.

It is noteworthy that IBRAM´s representation in these collegiate bodies is made by employees of the associated companies, which understand the importance of the participation of their teams to formulate public policies related to water resources.