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Reasons for joining IBRAM

The world market is more competitive every day. In order to survive and grow, the economic sectors must expand their knowledge and seek new technologies to be able to realize opportunities and face antagonisms. Furthermore, it is essential, in all activities, to meet the new demands of society, especially those related to sustainability. In the mining industry, the situation is not different.

As a national private non-profit organization, the Brazilian Mining Association (IBRAM) represents the companies and institutions that operate in the mining sector, in order to establish a favorable environment to business, competitiveness and sustainable development. Your company can also be part of this exclusive group.

IBRAM´s Benefits

IBRAM works defending the common interests of the mining sector along the Public Authorities (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary) in Brasília (DF) and in mining states and municipalities.


As associate, you will be able to access a wide exchange of ideas and knowledge, as well as the discussion of obstacles in the mining sector and topics of interest to the mining industry, especially in the events promoted by the Association. In order to encourage participation, IBRAM offers discounts in registration fees to its associates.


The events promoted by the Association are widely demanded and the best spaces for the assembly of booths at the fairs are always quickly sublet. The associates have priority to choose and sublet the spaces in fairs such as EXPOSIBRAM.


For operating in a dynamic and globalized market, entrepreneurs need to be permanently up-to-date about the sector locally and internationally. By joining IBRAM, the company periodically receives information of interest to the mineral segment, by means of a news briefing (sent daily by e-mail), monthly newsletters, the newspaper Jornal Indústria da Mineração (published bimonthly), among others.


Associates are invited to join all General Meetings held by the Association.


Ensuring representation among the most diverse players of the sector is fundamental to increase the competitiveness of the companies.


The headquarter of the Association is located in a privileged area of the Federal Capital. All associates can request space at IBRAM´s facilities to promote meetings and events of their companies.


By joining IBRAM and integrating its Technical Commissions and Working Groups, you and your company will benefit from the outcome of the joint work of high-level professionals who develop several works of utmost importance for the mining sector. Currently, IBRAM counts on two commissions: legal, with the objective of examining proposals and legal nature issues related to mining activities, in addition to orientating and suggesting actions to be appreciated and decided upon by the Administrative and Executive Boards of the Association; and communication, which works on the image of mining along the Brazilian society.

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